What we do...

We create. We Innovate. We Inspire...Women. Community.

FlawLes creates unforgettable experiences that make lesbians proud to be lesbians. We're constantly innovating, creating high-quality media and special events that compete at the mainstream level to increase the expectation of the modern-day lesbian. Our special events and media inspire a top-shelf mindset that allow us to attract and partner with as many LGBT allies as possible.

We believe that by increasing our visibility as a community, we're also increasing our chances for equality. 


What we believe...

We believe in a community of amazing women that want more.

1. Spend life doing what you love to do
2. Build stronger communities 
3. Design unforgettable experiences 
4. Be so passionate you'll create a legacy 
5. Commit to never ending growth and positive change
6. Contribute to a more meaningful world
7. Create remarkable opportunities for others


What we see...

Have you ever wanted to make a difference?

Have you ever wanted to reshape the way people think, act and expect? We do every day. We see FlawLes as the largest social and community-based network that's constantly connecting lesbians to opportunities and experiences from around the world.  We see ourselves as ambassadors of the lesbian community and hope FlawLes opens new doors and minds for many, and allows foundations to get stronger for others.